A Successful Trip To Japan

I'm happy to announce another successful trip to Japan for JpopRocks.  We met with some incredible artists!  We will have interviews with:

  • Silent Siren
  • AKB48 (Yui Yokoyama - AKB48 Group General Manager and Rena Nozawa

  • Dance for Philosophy

  • Necronomidol

  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute

  • Kaishin no ichigeki

  • Zeroshiki

  • Stephanie Topalian

  • Watashi Mugendai

  • Heianshiki Buteikinta

  • and many more...

Our YouTube views surpassed 1.7 million and our viewership and subscribers on all our social media sites are up.  July proved to be a great month for JpopRocks!


Over a Million and Counting

In October 2017, JpopRocks YouTube site reached a million views.  Since then we've hit 1.1 million and are quickly closing into 1.2 million. 

As of December 2017, we added our first interview video.  It features Kra.  Another video interview with another major band will be announced soon.  We look forward to more and more video interviews and concert video.

Thank you everyone who loves watching our videos!

Sept 2017 Stats

Our Sept 2017 stats are in and, as always, we are blown away.  Thank you everyone!  The main numbers I would like to focus on is our YouTube.  See below for the outstanding numbers.

October will be the month of the interviews as we have no concerts we will be attending until the very end of the month.  Here is a sneak peek of our interviews:

  • Babyraids Japan
  • Misaki Iwasha
  • Tokyo Gegegay

We will be heading to Portland, OR around October 27th to Kumoricon to see Kra for their first ever U.S. visit (check our events page). 

YouTube Numbers:

  • YouTube subscribers surpasses 1.5k
  • YouTube views have now surpassed 925k.  Next stop, 1 million.

Aug 2017 Stats

Last month we had over 500k YouTube views of our videos.  30 days later, we just passed the 750k mark.  With multiple concerts happening in September, we plan to surpass the million mark.

August, by the numbers:

  • 200k+ YouTube views
  • 250+ new YouTube subscribers
  • 16k Facebook reach
  • 136% growth in Facebook followers (from July)
  • 95k Twitter Impressions (up 532% from July)

September will be a great month for JpopRocks and Japanese music fans in Northern California.

  • Sept 9 - Azumi Inoue & Yuyu (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 9 - ZOOMADANKE (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 9 - Babyraids Japan (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 9 - Tokyo Gegegay (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 9 - May'n (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 10 - Misaki Iwasa (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 10 - YANAKIKU (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 10 - BAND-MAID (J-Pop Summit)
  • Sept 23 - Man With A Mission (Pateluma, CA)

July 2017 Stats

Here are our extraordinary numbers for July.

  • 200k YouTube views
  • 251 new YouTube Subscribers (breaking the 1k mark)
  • 2,137 website views
  • 15k FaceBook views
  • 9.5k Twitter views

Our YouTube site broke both 1k subscribers and 500k views.  We're already over 600k views and over 150 new YouTube subscribers, a week into Sept. 

Things are looking up.  We have a big schedule coming our way.

Aug 15 - ONE OK ROCK

Aug 26 - Crunchyroll Expo

Sept 2 - SacAnime

Sept 9 - J-Pop Summit

And we're happy to announce that we've added...

Dec 3 - Silent Siren

If you know of any J-Bands visiting between Sept and Dec and would like JpopRocks to cover it, please let us know!

Move over June! July is coming through!

July 2017 will always be known as the month that changed everything.  How?

  • We had our 3rd interview (Accént, Phoenix Ash, and Kazha).
  • 4,000+ website views in one weekend!
  • YouTube site exceeded 1k subscribers (currently at 1,060)
  • YouTube site exceeded half a million views (currently at 511,771 views)
  • YouTube views in the last 30 days - Over 300k!!!!!

And, when we thought it couldn't get any better, SacAnime contacts us with approval for our media / press access!  July 2017 has been unforgettable! 


Thank You June!!! 145K+ Views!!!!

In May, I was blown away.  We had over 60k views in a month on YouTube!  Wow!  But if I was amazed in May, I'm astounded in June!  Over 145k views in one month.  All of you ... Oh My God.  Thank you!  Here are the unbelievable stats:

  • 145K+ YouTube Views
  • 474 new YouTube subscribers (in one month!)
  • Nearly 100k Twitter Impressions (views)
  • 38 new Twitter followers
  • Roughly 500 website unique viewers
  • 13.5k Facebook views!
  • 754 Facebook engagements (interactions)

We might have raised the bar too high in June to compete in July.  We're currently trying to arrange a few things in July.  August will be much better.  We'll see ONE OK ROCK as well as SacAnime.  September will kill it.  J-Pop Summit and Crunchyroll Expo! 

Any big plans later on?  You bet!  In the Spring of 2018, we plan to go to Japan and attend several concerts.  We are also planning an invasion of Canada, attending some of their events that feature Japanese artists.

We are excited about the future.  We hope you are too!



On May 17th, JpopRocks hit 150,000 views on YouTube.  Short of a month later (today - June 14th), we hit 200k.  That's 50,000 views for the last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of June.  That's amazing!

Why is this important?  First, it helps legitimize what we're doing.  Second, it tells us we're going in the right direction.  And most important, we're helping to spread the love of J-Music to more and more people.  Thank you everyone.  We appreciate you. 

E-Girls .... I'm Going To Cry

One of my personal goals when visiting Japan in 2018 was to see E-Girls in concert.  I like their music but love their dance numbers.  The choreography is second to none.  But now, they are no more.  At least not as I remember them.  They went from 19 members to 11.

E-Girls was made up of 3 different bands.  Happiness, Dreams, and Flower.  Dreams has disbanded.  And a few members of the other groups have left (graduated).  This leaves me sad.  But, there may be light on the horizon.  I hope the members that have left will have very successful careers and add yet more great J-Music for us to enjoy.

I delayed my trip to Japan by a year and now I'm being penalized for waiting.  This has taught me a valuable lesson.  Bands are here today, but they can be gone tomorrow.  You should enjoy them while they last.

Compilation Videos

JpopRocks added two new compilation videos.  The videos show highlights from the concerts and conventions we have attended.  We have been videoing Japanese concerts since Sept 2015, starting first with the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco.  Not all events we've attended have videos.  There have been times when our videos turned out poorly or events where videoing was forbidden.  We always try to honor the bands wishes if they request no video be taken.

The compilation videos contain bands from 2015, 2016, and some from this year, 2017.  JpopRocks is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and we try to attend all J-Music events in the area.  Sometimes there are large gaps where no Japanese bands are visiting the area.  When that happens, we try very hard to go to other J-Music events in the United States.  We've been to Houston (Texas), Phoenix (Arizona), and Albuquerque (New Mexico).  We've also been eyeing events in several other states.  We would love to go to all the J-Music events in the U.S., but timing and costs are a factor.  Also, how many bands are attending and who the bands are, all play a factor.

If you would like JpopRocks to visit your convention or interview a band, please contact us.  We look forward to several more events in 2017 and the years to come.

You can find the videos on our YouTube site.