E-Girls .... I'm Going To Cry

One of my personal goals when visiting Japan in 2018 was to see E-Girls in concert.  I like their music but love their dance numbers.  The choreography is second to none.  But now, they are no more.  At least not as I remember them.  They went from 19 members to 11.

E-Girls was made up of 3 different bands.  Happiness, Dreams, and Flower.  Dreams has disbanded.  And a few members of the other groups have left (graduated).  This leaves me sad.  But, there may be light on the horizon.  I hope the members that have left will have very successful careers and add yet more great J-Music for us to enjoy.

I delayed my trip to Japan by a year and now I'm being penalized for waiting.  This has taught me a valuable lesson.  Bands are here today, but they can be gone tomorrow.  You should enjoy them while they last.