July 2017 Stats

Here are our extraordinary numbers for July.

  • 200k YouTube views
  • 251 new YouTube Subscribers (breaking the 1k mark)
  • 2,137 website views
  • 15k FaceBook views
  • 9.5k Twitter views

Our YouTube site broke both 1k subscribers and 500k views.  We're already over 600k views and over 150 new YouTube subscribers, a week into Sept. 

Things are looking up.  We have a big schedule coming our way.

Aug 15 - ONE OK ROCK

Aug 26 - Crunchyroll Expo

Sept 2 - SacAnime

Sept 9 - J-Pop Summit

And we're happy to announce that we've added...

Dec 3 - Silent Siren

If you know of any J-Bands visiting between Sept and Dec and would like JpopRocks to cover it, please let us know!