A Successful Trip To Japan

I'm happy to announce another successful trip to Japan for JpopRocks.  We met with some incredible artists!  We will have interviews with:

  • Silent Siren
  • AKB48 (Yui Yokoyama - AKB48 Group General Manager and Rena Nozawa

  • Dance for Philosophy

  • Necronomidol

  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute

  • Kaishin no ichigeki

  • Zeroshiki

  • Stephanie Topalian

  • Watashi Mugendai

  • Heianshiki Buteikinta

  • and many more...

Our YouTube views surpassed 1.7 million and our viewership and subscribers on all our social media sites are up.  July proved to be a great month for JpopRocks!