Thank You June!!! 145K+ Views!!!!

In May, I was blown away.  We had over 60k views in a month on YouTube!  Wow!  But if I was amazed in May, I'm astounded in June!  Over 145k views in one month.  All of you ... Oh My God.  Thank you!  Here are the unbelievable stats:

  • 145K+ YouTube Views
  • 474 new YouTube subscribers (in one month!)
  • Nearly 100k Twitter Impressions (views)
  • 38 new Twitter followers
  • Roughly 500 website unique viewers
  • 13.5k Facebook views!
  • 754 Facebook engagements (interactions)

We might have raised the bar too high in June to compete in July.  We're currently trying to arrange a few things in July.  August will be much better.  We'll see ONE OK ROCK as well as SacAnime.  September will kill it.  J-Pop Summit and Crunchyroll Expo! 

Any big plans later on?  You bet!  In the Spring of 2018, we plan to go to Japan and attend several concerts.  We are also planning an invasion of Canada, attending some of their events that feature Japanese artists.

We are excited about the future.  We hope you are too!