Fans Takeover! Five Questions for Silent Siren


When we had a chance to talk with Silent Siren, we decided to let the fans ask the questions this time! We reached out to many SaiSai fans from across the country to submit their questions. Here are the chosen few.



FAN Question 1: [For Ainyan] If you had to give up either natto or beer, what would you choose?


Ainyan: Beer is my life. I can not stop drinking beer! haha....


FAN Question 2: [For Ainyan] How did you meet Yukarun?


Ainyan: We met at the reader model TV program. Since then, we had met many times at exhibitions and festivals and became good friends.


FAN Question 3: SaiSai has performed in many countries all over the world. Do you have any funny, crazy, or memorable stories from the road?


Suu: Yes, I have! In Shanghai, I was sleeping while we were moving to the venue, everyone left the bus leaving me [behind]. And nobody noticed that I was not with them...poor me!


Hinanchu: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia... places where we have had concerts many times, our fans are always waiting for us at airport. I am glad that it has been increasing year after year.


Yukarun: ·We always stay in twin room in the overseas tour. Once, the bath of the hotel room we stayed at was covered by glass instead of a wall. I saw XXX.



FAN Question 4: Are you close with any other artists or entertainers?


Hinanchu:  LiSA, AKB48 and other artists who are active overseas are good friends.


Ainyan: My sister is Ami-Pon of the idol group "Rocca Japonica". And my good friends are Yuu (bass player of NEGOTO) and Yuzu-Pon (bandjanaimon).



FAN Question 5: Your music has elements from both the Jpop and Jrock. How would you define the music you create?


Suu:  I am always thinking [of] how to make songs which are catchy and easy to remember. I mean, easy to remember even when listening for the first time. [Songs that] even for those who like pop, and those who like real rock feel welcome to enter. I try to put both elements in one song as much as possible.


Hinanchu: There are both elements, and there are many other elements I want to do in the future. I think that is the goodness of "SILENT SIREN". Our music can not be categorized. I love rock and pop.


Ainyan: I think that not being able to define what is "SILENT SIREN" is a good thing. We try to understand all the music as much as we can and put the elements into our sound.


Yukarun: I think that it is a new genre called "Silent Siren". It's rock but pop, and anyone who listens with feel familiar. That is the sound that only we can do. I think that is our style.