Dancing Dolls






Our interview with Dancing Dolls

Jpoprocks.com: Can you tell us the process behind your choreography?  How long does it take to master the routines? [Misaki choreographs all of Dancing Dolls songs and including a special collaboration with Mii and Mirei for SacAnime]

Misaki: For me, choreography is very natural. I think music, singing and dancing are all connected, and when people listen to music, they move their bodies. The process of my choreography is to define rules to those moves.


JPR: What kinds of music or bands do you like to listen to?

Misaki: I like Hip Hop. When I was small and practicing dancing, there was always great music that I used to dance to. My favorite back then was "The Notorious B.I.G." and I still like his music even now!

Mii: I’ve liked R&B since I was child. When I was 10 years old, the first song I tried to sing in English was an Alicia Keys song. Recently, I have also liked listening to some Korean female artists.


JPR: Which one of your songs is your favorite to perform?

Misaki: I like "Formation”, the cover of Beyoncé we performed. We will perform it again as part of our special collaboration with Mirei in January too! I will also make my SacAnime DJ debut as “DJ Misaki P.” and I have been listening to so much music recently, but I have been liking the song even more than before.

Mii: I like to sing “Ring Dong”. Its sounds make me a powerful woman. When I perform that song, my fans raise their hands. It is one of my favorite views from the stage.



JPR: You've appeared at several Anime conventions. What do you think of these conventions and their fans?

Misaki: I am so honored and always happy for being able to meet people from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. I want to visit more Anime conventions!

Mii: The first Anime convention I participated was ANIME EXPO 2016 and that was my first performance in the US. I was really nervous, but American fans are very kind to us. They gave us so much encouragement!  Since then I've appeared at American Anime conventions three times, and now I'm looking forward to perform even more because the audience always welcomes me.


JPR: Can you tell us something unique about yourself?

Mii: It must be my fashion sense. I love to wear nice outfits as I listen to great music. I post to my Instagram, so please check my Instagram "helloimmii". I want to show you my life-style on Instagram. 


JPR: Do you have a message for your American fans that you would like to share?

Misaki: I'm so happy and looking forward to see you again at Sacanime in January, and meeting a lot's of new people, too. We will show you the best performance !! Please check it. Also, follow me on Twitter @dd_misaki   ;)

Mii: I'm Mii from Dancing Dolls. I'm also preparing for my solo debut. When it’s ready, I'd like you to listen to my new music. Please follow my Twitter @mii_dd and instagram (helloimmii)