BananaLemon - Saarah, Nadia, Lety, Mizuki

BananaLemon - Saarah, Nadia, Lety, Mizuki

JPR: Please introduce yourselves.

Nadia: Hi! I'm Nadia! I'm a main vocal! Nice to meet you!

Lety: Hi, I'm the new member Lety!

Saarah: Hi, I’m Saarah!

Mizuki: Hi! I'm Mizuki! Nice to meet you.

JPR: Can you tell us the process behind your choreography?

Mizuki: We usually discuss the choreographer we want to work with. As a professional dancer it’s really fun to think what choreo is suitable for the song.

JPR: Which one of your songs is your favorite to perform?

Nadia: “SorryNotSorry”! This song is addictive and I also like its choreo. This song makes me strong!

Saarah: I like “Down” and its vibe.

Lety: “Slaysian”!!! This song doesn’t have its choreo but I love to dance to this song. I can dance away any songs.

Mizuki: “GIRLS GONE WILD”! I think this song represents “the girls’ empowerment” which we BananaLemon are upholding our theme as a band.





JPR: Can you tell us something unique about each of yourselves?

Nadia: Saarah can sing and dance well. She is cool and sexy. Mizuki can dance powerfully but also adorable at the same time. Lety is a happy girl who’s good at singing rap. She can also write very good lyrics.

Lety: I love Saarah’s powerful energy. Mizuki looks cute but unexpectedly has a serious mind. Nadia has a powerful voice.

Saarah: Lety is always happy and she always makes everyone happy too. Nadia is good at singing and has an awesome voice. Mizuki is so cute and good at dancing.

Mizuki: Saarah is super powerful and strong. Nadia is a diva!!! Lety is a good and active rapper.

JPR: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Saarah: Chris Brown!!

JPR: What kinds of music or bands do you like to listen to?

Nadia: Anything! When I find a favorite song, I always keep listening to it. So I can’t choose! I like all kinds of music.

JPR: For someone that has never seen you before, can you describe your music?

Nadia: Concept of BananaLemon is “a cool girl” and “a girl crash”. Our songs have strong messages for especially women and we hope they enjoy them.

JPR: Is this your first time in America? Do you plan to visit any specific place or do anything specific?

Mizuki: Yes. This is my first time in America so after this I’m planning to stay here in the US little longer by myself. I'm going to Hollywood to take some dance lessons. And Disneyland! I’m so excited.





JPR: If you could perform anywhere, where would you like to perform?

Lety: Brazil !!!! Because Brazil is the place I was born and raised, I wanna see our fans out there. Also I wanna show my family how much I’ve grown up.

JPR: What was your impression of SacAnime?

BananaLemon: That was very fun!! We never expected the extreme warm welcome and we really thank you for your passion from the bottom of our hearts! It was like a dreamlike experience. And thank you SacAnime for having us and giving us this huge opportunity!

JPR: How did you enjoy your Meet & Greet?

BananaLemon: We’re really happy to see our fans!! We usually don’t do this kind of thing but it’s so overwhelming happiness for us to hug and chat with our fans. You fans are our rock. We definitely hope to see them guys again, and we’re so happy if they think the same way as we do!

JPR: Do you have a message for your American fans that you would like to share?

Saarah: Thank you for supporting us always!! We want to do our tour in the US someday. This is one of our biggest dream. We’ll do our best and we’ll be back soon for sure!! I love you guys so much ♡



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