a Study in Emotional idorock: our Q&A with babyraids Japan


Jpoprocks.com: Your performance at the Jpop Summit was great! What are your thoughts about the how the show went?

Babyraids Japan: It was our first concert and performance in the US, so we were a little bit nervous how the audience would respond, but right from the very first song the audience was very responsive, so really there was no point in worrying about it.


JPR: How do you compare the Japanese audience versus the American audience?

Babyraids Japan: There was really no difference, but Japanese audiences clap hands and dance. American audiences have a bit more rhythm but what really surprised us was to see so many people wearing Babyraids Japan T-shirts!


JPR: Did you get a chance to explore San Francisco? Where are you going, or where have you gone?

Babyraids Japan: On the second day, we had a chance to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, and have clam chowder. At first, we couldn’t see the top of the Bridge because of the fog. Eventually, the fog cleared up and we were able to see the whole bridge. Very beautiful!


JPR: If you had not become idols, what do you think you would be doing instead?

Riko-pin: I am currently a student, so I would focus more on studying. But I like writing novels and painting pictures. I think I would pursue maybe being an artist or a novelist.

Den-chan:  I would probably get a normal job and be a regular office lady.

Manatsu: My age is the same as a college senior, so I would probably be doing that. I’ve also always wanted to study abroad, so I would probably do that.

Nao-suke: I would still pursue a performance type career, like acting.

Rio-ton: I would want to be a teacher at a preschool. I actually still have that dream. I haven’t given it up!


JPR: In 2015 you created the “Emotional idorock” genre. How has this genre you created evolved overtime?

Babyraids Japan: We established the “Emotional idorock” genre after we changed our name to Babyraids Japan. Since then we have had more initiative and direction in our performances. This has also allowed each of us to express our individuality, and have more powerful performances.


JPR: Your song Maru Maru Maru Maru Maru was featured in the anime Nana Maru San Batsu. How did you get involved with the anime?

Babyraids Japan: The ending song is really related to the story of the anime, which describes a quiz bowl student’s life and how they go through many challenges and hard work in order to win the Japanese quiz bowl nationals. The song expresses their emotion, like how nervous the characters are and the spirit they have during the competition.

We actually got to participate in a quiz event, so that we could experience what the characters went through.

JPR: Really!? How did you do in the competition?

Babyraids Japan: A lot of participants were pressing the buzzer before the entire question was read. Luckily, we knew that from the anime so we enjoyed that as well.


JPR: I heard that Nao-Suke was addicted to the Manga Kuroko's Basketball.

Nao-suke: [exclaims] Oh! Yes!

JPR: Any other anime or manga you are watching/reading?

Nao-suke: One Piece! I really like to read Weekly Shonnen Jump. Right now, I’m really into Yakusoku no Neverland [The Promised Neverland].


JPR:  You've been a group for over five years, how have you kept your relationship with each other strong?

Babyraids Japan: In the last five years we haven’t had any fights! We really try to understand each other more.


JPR:  We are excited that your mini album, The BRJ, comes out later this month. What can we expect from the album?

Babyraids Japan: This mini album is kind of like our business card. The songs showcase what we have been doing over the last five years. It is also a glimpse into what we are doing in the future! There are five new songs in the album, and we put a lot of feeling, emotion and energy into the album. We did that so our fans could appreciate what we done in the past five years and also look forward to the future.


JPR:  We are heading to Japan for the first time early next year.  Do you have any recommendations for us or anyone else wanting visiting Japan?

Babyraids Japan: Asakusa! [laughs] Over there you’ll find a significant and iconic gate called Kaminarimon [Thunder Gate] and many shrines. Going there you can experience traditional Japanese culture/history, and enjoy original Japanese food. We would love to introduce and show you around that area!


JPR:  Speaking of Asakusa, your group has been involved with the show Asakusa Babe q. Please describe what your roles were in the program?

Babyraids Japan: Asakusa Babe q is an entertainment/variety show in Japan. This only airs in Japan, so you probably can’t see it. On the program, we show a really goofy side of our group. We also visit various locales around Asakusa like a haunted house, massage parlor.


JPR:  Is there any special message you would like to say to your fans here in the US?

Babyraids Japan: It’s really hard to come to the US so often that I really want our fans over here to really get to know us through YouTube and Twitter. We like delivering our performances on social media. We work really hard to improve our performance, so if our fans over here can come to Japan please come see our show.