"Aidoru Sozai" - Idol Material

(Left to Right) Yanachii - Jash - Vivi - Aira - Mikachu - Saachan - Hayayan

(Left to Right) Yanachii - Jash - Vivi - Aira - Mikachu - Saachan - Hayayan


Group Intro


"Aidoru Sozai" (trans: Idol Material), is a self-produced All Girl Filipino-Based Indie Idol Group formed by Yanachii, Saachan, Jash, Hayayan, Aira, Vivi and Mikachu.

They cover songs from different Japanese idol groups, as well as perform their own original songs in hopes of spreading love and idol culture through their performances.




How was your debut live at this year’s Ozine Fest?


Hayayan: Before the performance, I almost felt that my heart will burst anytime because of nervousness. However, during the performance I felt how an idol feels. It was overwhelming and enjoyed much.


Jash: Our first performance was great! I wasn't really expecting that much people to come and cheer for us so I cried a bit. I also felt sick hours before the performance because I couldn't sleep well and my stage fright kept on bothering me but I always felt good whenever I stand on the stage. I just panic most of the time.


Yana: Overwhelming. I never thought that a lot of people would come see us perform on Ozine. I've never expected so much number of people that would cheer for us and give us their smiles, which made me energetic throughout the whole live. It was so fun. I had never became so excited this much. During the performance, a thought came to me, ''so this is what it's like to be an idol...'' and made me realize that slowly and carefully, i'm achieving for my dreams.


Vivi: Everyone was surprised when they realized that there was a really huge crowd for such a small group. It made us all realize, that people loved us, even if we hadn't proved ourselves yet.

It felt amazing, everyone was cheering for us at the top of theirlungs; It made us perform our hearts out, regardless if we had weak stamina or not. The chants hyped us all up, so hyped up that I started chanting along with them during the Triangle Dreamer mix and actually forgot some of the steps! Luckily Jash was right next to me so I was able to remember it immediately haha.

This performance made us want to show more of what we can do, to tell them that we'll try our best to overcome the hurdles we're facing as indie idols, because they're there for us.


Saachan: Our debut live was great!! I never thought we will recieve that kind of response from the crowd. I am really grateful to everyone who went all their way to the event to cheer for us! I want to work harder to give everyone a better performance and to bring a higher lever of excitement for everyone, Loveso fan or not. I hope we gave them a positive lasting impression. I hope more people will look forward to us on every event we will attend to. This event made me realize that all our efforts paid off and our dreams are slowly turning into reality, one step at a time.


Aira: The presence of the fans made me feel that I have to work harder. Our first live won’t be complete without them. Despite of the technical problems, they still chanted their hearts out and that’s what really moved me. That moment will always have a special place in my heart.


Mika: More than I expected, in every aspect. Nowadays, when I feel down I just need to go back to memories of that time and I feel like I can keep walking. A lot of things went unbelievably well and the few things that didn't (such as technical issues with music cue, mic powe/volume and mistakes in our performance) were simply things to look at and learn from, I think. I'm really thankful to everyone who came to see us, and those that didn't but gave us a chance anyways - we're going to keep walking because everyone is with us.





Describe yourself in one sentence.


Hayayan: I am who I am.


Jash: I always want to be the best in the things I love doing because I don't like losing.


Yana: A person who'll find ways to get what she wants.


Vivi: A 15-year old girl who's probably too obsessed with criminal-related TV shows and idol gravure.


Aira: I’m that girl who thinks she deserves a milktea every after class.


Saachan: Loveso’s lazy idol otaku.


Mika: A melancholic eccentric living in her own head, I guess. Also I really like bacon!



What is one thing most people would be surprised to know about you?


Hayayan: I want to spend the rest of my life in the Philippines, not in Japan.


Jash: I'm always alone at school because I don't like socializing most of the time so I don't attend school events as well. I can spend one semester at school without knowing who my classmates are or maybe without reciting in class because I don't like public speaking and talking in front of the class. I get scared!


Yana: Hmm, I am not actually sure. I guess, it's when I can bend my thumb? A lot of people are really surprise when I do that.


Vivi: I've probably only finished around 15 TV series in my life. I'm too lazy to binge watch, and when I binge watch I only last until the fourth episode because my eyes are too tired. However, Netflix changed me and now I'm trying to bingewatch "How To Get Away With Murder", excluding the kissing scenes because I'm really not comfortable with those.


Saachan: I pretty much broadcast everything I do online? or anyone who knows me probably knows most of the stuff I could think of.. Hm, I think its the fact that Im a halfie, or I like eating my spaghetti cold? hehe I also love playing football and volleyball!


Aira: I don’t know how to ride a bike!


Mika: I live alone and am mostly independent. I can't wink, I have a low spice tolerance and I collect (and talk to) stuffed animals.


If Aidoru Sozai was a family, which member do you see yourself as?


Hayayan: I'm the aunt. Coz i visit the others every week.


Jash: Maybe the sister who acts chill but actually cares a lot about the members. I'm not that vocal when it comes to my ideas but i'm always proud of the members and all the hard work we've been doing. It's nice to see that we're all moving up together as a group. I always want the members to bring out their best and I love seeing us all enjoy what we're doing.


Yana: Oh! I am the pet because some times i'm very clingy and wants affection from them!


Vivi: I'm probably the middle child, everyone keeps treating me like a baby and an older sister at the same time that it's confusing!


Saachan: I think I'm the middle child? I am in between an "ate" figure (older sister) or the youngest child. I cant see myself in the extremes so I'll settle in the middle hehe.. youngest child because I enjoy the attention and I can be a brat lol, older sister because I give other members pieces of advice from time to time. I'm also very straightforward but can be annoying at times. My level of annoying can shift between like that of a bossy oldest child into a demanding youngest child.


Aira: I’m the angry child.


Mika: I'm the dad, I think... or the grandma? That person who tells everyone to be back home before 6pm or the doors will be locked LOL I'm a bit of the party pooper and I'm kind of a bit too strict or serious/old fashioned sometimes.



What is a message you have for your potential new fans/international viewers of JpopRocks?


We're starting from zero but we hope that you can put your faith in us and watch us grow. We're going to do our best for our dreams and for those who believe in us. We're probably the first indie idol group in the Philippines, and we still have a lot to prove to everyone. Please watch over us as we show our love for idol culture in the Philippines! We hope we can be in your favorite idol group list someday! We will work our hardest to get there!

Thank you for loving Aidoru Sozai!



FB: https://www.facebook.com/AidoruSozai/

TW: https://twitter.com/loveso_ph

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCER69oeEPffwy_6NJb5wNxA