JpopRocks interviews Accént

From left:  Fumi (Drummer), Rina (Keyboard & Vocal), Kanon (Guitar & Vocal) and Haru (Bass)

From left: Fumi (Drummer), Rina (Keyboard & Vocal), Kanon (Guitar & Vocal) and Haru (Bass)


Meet Accént, a group of 9-10 year old girls who like to rock! While most of us at JpopRocks were simply trying to survive the fourth grade, these talented young girls have already formed a band and are covering bands like Silent Siren and SCANDAL!

We recently had a chance to talk with them about how they got together and what they are planning in the future!  How did you meet?

Kanon: Originally, Haru and I made a small band to perform in a local festival. We [Kanon and Haru] kind of grew up together. To make the band a better one we recruited YouTuber friend Fumi and then named the band "Accént." After that Rina, who is the best pianist in the elementary school where we [Kanon and Haru] go, joined us. This is how Accént became a four-piece band.  Accént is a very cool and interesting name. Any meaning behind the name?

Kanon: I came up with the name "Accént." I heard the word in a music class at school and liked how the word sounded and also thought it was right for a band name in terms of the meaning.  We are very impressed with your performances. How long have each of you been playing instruments?

Kanon (Vo&Gu) : Guitar for four years
  I've been playing with a guitar since I can remember, but I started practicing it seriously when I was six.
Rina (Key&Vo) : Piano for seven years
  I took up piano when I was three. As for synthesizer, I started playing after joining Accént.
Haru (Bass) : Bass for two years
  I started Bass when I was eight. Obviously I have less music experience than other members, so I'm practicing hard every day to catch up with them.
Fumi (Drums) : Drum for three years
  I took up drum at the age of six, influenced by my big brother who is also a drummer.  Many of your performances have covered Silent Siren. What drew you to cover this group and are there any other bands/musicians you listen to?

Kanon: We like SILENT SIREN because
their music style is rock but catchy
members look pretty
not just pretty but perform really cool
songs are good

We are also a big fan of SCANDAL.  Any other projects we can look forward to?

We applied for the audition for "SAISAI FES 2017." Wish us luck!


We, at JpopRocks, would like to thank Accént for chatting with us.  We see a bright future for you girls and look forward to seeing you progress and become the next Silent Siren / SCANDAL. Good luck Accént!